Dorota Rozmarynowska Photo University SWPS

Being Danish philologist and living in Poland makes my everyday life a blend of Eastern and Nordic European features with a scent of African straightforwardness that I learned from my husband (brought up in Congo Brazzaville). Kulturlink is therefore both a commercial offer to all those who need a helping hand with Polish-Danish-Polish communication and a platform that hopefully is going to help me to promote all the great things I see in these three cultures I live in- Nordic purity, Polish emotionality and African joy.

So please contact me if you have a question about Polish, Danish or Congolese matters or if you need a Polish-Danish-English tolk or guide, also if you in connection to the above, visit Warsaw and need some help.

The site is Polish – Danish so I f you want to know more please contact me at kulturlink@gmail.com